March 25, 2012

What Can I Do? – Don R. Patton

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Adapted from an article by Don Truex

One question asked with frequency is, “What Can I Do As A Member Of This Local Congregation?” That is truly a fine inquiry and manifests a spirit that is much needed today.

To be happy in the work of the Lord is to cultivate a real sense of belonging, to legitimately feel that you are a vital part of the work. To be active in the work of the Lord is to have concern for that work and a genuine love for those who share in that same work with you.

There is much that you can do today to share the good message of salvation that has graced your life. You Can:

  • Concentrate, one on one, in leading a soul to salvation.
  • Entertain a group of members in your home in order to cultivate better friendships and relationships. Take a personal interest in and responsibility for the peace, harmony and growth of the church family.
  • Invite a friend or family member to our gospel meeting, Bible study and Worship. Countless people are sincerely searching for truth and would cherish and accept your interest in them.
  • Take an active interest in the visitors to our services. Greet them with warmth and friendliness. Talk to them, Sit with them, encourage them. Never allow them to merely be lost in a sea of humanity and thus leave feeling that their presence is not important and valued.
  • Through a card, visit, or call, encourage those members who are absent from our assemblies. Absenteeism is a symptom of a deeper need which must be addressed immediately.
  • Write a note of appreciation to someone who has truly influenced your spiritual life.
  • Resolve to remove all bitterness from your heart, especially toward someone who has set himself to be your enemy. Ask God to help you rise above prolonged anger, revenge and ill-will. Pray for that enemy and do him good. Always conduct yourself as a Christian in both word and action.
  • Do something thoughtful for a sick or homebound person. What better way can one illustrate love for those less fortunate than ourselves?
  • Make a special effort to show hospitality to someone who has lost a loved one or is struggling with some grave personal challenge.
  • Pray every day for the saints and the Kingdom of God on earth.

You see, there is much you can do in using this day to the glory of God and the betterment of His Son’s kingdom.


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