April 17, 2016

“Seeing” Jesus As The Way, The Truth, and The Life

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Written By Philip C. Strong

“Seeing” Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life” We’ve been attempting to “see” Jesus as He was/is (based on John 12:21 and Matt.13:14) rather than as we might want to see Him with several lessons lately. We’ve looked to His humility, submission, teaching, compassion, sacrifices, exaltations, and salvation to do so. But we’ve also begun to consider the express statements He made about Himself in this effort- specifically, the “I am” statements as recorded in John. Today, we’ll consider His declarative statement, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” from John 14:1-6.

The Setting

  • This is the betrayal night (starting at 13:1).
  • Jesus is addressing His disciples for the last time prior to His betrayal, trials, crucifixion, and resurrection.
  • Outside of the Sermon on the Mount, this is one of the longest recorded discourses. It spans 13:1 through 17:26.

The Context

  • Context is always critical to interpretation, and often dictates it. This passage (John 14:1-6ff) fits into both categories.
  • In these last hours spent with His disciples critical information is given for them, and for us, to enable them to truly “see” and “know” (cf. vv.7-10ff) Him. Apparently from His words here, some of them did not yet clearly “see” or “know” Him.
  • Let’s illustrate the importance of context toward interpretation with a question regarding “the way.” Is Jesus referring to the way into the church (as some claim), or heaven?   As the way clearly refers to the path or direction to a certain place, identification of that place becomes relative and important to our understanding of exactly how He is the way to it. So, does the way refer to the church or heaven? Please consider the following in these regards:

1) He equates the place to His Father’s house, v.2;

2) If the way is to heaven, then He is going there to prepare places for His disciples within it, v.2b;

3) But if the way is to the church (the kingdom of God on earth), then He is going to prepare places for His disciples in a house that does not yet exist, cf. Acts 2.

4) When Jesus left the earth, He went to heaven, not the church, Acts 1:9-11.

5) Therefore, Jesus is describing Himself, in the context of our text at least, as the way to heaven. John 13:33,36 further supports this interpretation. The disciples could and would soon enter the church, but would only “follow (Jesus) later” into heaven.

“Seeing” Jesus as “the way”:

  • Implies singularity- He is the only way, Acts 4:12; and, • Implies access- He is both the door and the way, 10:7,9; 14:6b;
  • This way is not always easy, cf. Matt.7:13-14; but it is always available while physical strength prevails.

“Seeing” Jesus as “the truth;”

  • Within Him (as the truth) is the embodiment of all knowledge essential to be in/on the way, 1:17-18; Heb.1:3; Matt.11:27.
  • We must “see” Jesus as the truth of who was/is, vv.7-11; 20:31a; and,
    • We must “see” Jesus is the truth that was revealed in person to those who saw and heard Him in person vv.7-10, AND as revealed in Him through the word to those of later generations, v.10; cf.1:1,14; Heb.1:1-3.We must “see” Jesus as the truth of His purpose, vv.12-17; 10:10b; 20:31b.

“Seeing” Jesus as “the life:”

  • Again, “the” implies singularity. There is also physical life, obviously. Those who are born attain it. But “the life” to which Jesus refers is the spiritual life entered by being born again, John 3:3-5.
  • Many search for “the meaning of life” in various ways, purposes, and places. It is only found in one Person, Jesus Christ. Anything and everything else pales by comparison, and fails to be true life, 1:4; 11:25; 1John 5:20! This means that He must be “seen” as the purpose, center of existence, and sum total of our lives!


We must “see” Jesus as:

  • “the way”- the only path leading to God and heaven;
  • “the truth”- the personification of all saving truth and knowledge; the revelation of God, truth, and knowledge; and,
  • “the life”- both the source and preserver (by resurrection) of eternal life!


Can you now “see” Jesus, 1 John 5:10-12?





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