July 24, 2016

The Messiah Rules – Don R. Patton

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When we follow the history of Israel in the Old Testament, it is obvious that God rules, not just in the affairs of Israel, but all the nations.

King Jehoshaphat, one of the better kings of Judah, was being threatened by several foreign nations, when he prayed for deliverance.

“… “O LORD, the God of our fathers,…are You not ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations….” (II Chronicles 20:6)

Likewise, the Psalmist declared, “For the kingdom is the LORD’S

And He rules over the nations.” (Psalms 22:28)

Proud Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, heard God’s voice from heaven saying, “…sovereignty has been removed from you, and you will be driven away from mankind, and your dwelling place will be with the beasts of the field…until you recognize that the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind and bestows it on whomever He wishes.’” (Daniel 4:31-32)

It is not as well understood that the role of God as ruler of the nations is now exercised by His Son, the Messiah.

Jesus speaks to the church at Thyatira and quotes David’s prophecy of Himself, “AND HE SHALL RULE THEM WITH A ROD OF IRON, AS THE VESSELS OF THE POTTER ARE BROKEN TO PIECES, as I also have received authority from My Father;” (Revelation 2:27)

Consider the commentator Lenski’s observations on this passage.

“καγω” is emphatic, ‘as also I myself have received from my Father.’ The perfect implies that Jesus still has what he has thus received. This clause refers directly to Ps. 2 and the appointment of Jesus as absolute King over the nations.”

The picture of Christ in Revelation chapter 12 depicts Him as “a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron;…” (Revelation 12:27).

In chapter 19 we read, “From His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may strike down the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty.” (Revelation 19:15)

Therefore, Christ now rules as God ruled in the Old Testament. When we see the moral decline among the nations and in our own, this is not a comforting conclusion.

The Amorites attacked God’s people as they approached the promised land, but they were not as wicked then as they became later. God said of them, “the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet complete.” (Genesis 15:16). When they completed their declining moral spiral, God decreed that they be utterly destroyed.

God reminded the Israelites that the same would happen to them if they followed the same path.

“‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination …‘Do not defile yourselves by any of these things; for by all these the nations which I am casting out before you have become defiled. ‘For the land has become defiled, therefore I have brought its punishment upon it, so the land has spewed out its inhabitants. ‘But as for you, you are to keep My statutes and My judgments and shall not do any of these abominations…so that the land will not spew you out, should you defile it, as it has spewed out the nation which has been before you.’ (Leviticus 18:22-28)

The Democratic Party has officially endorsed “gay-rights” in its party platform since 1984. President Obama did not lend his support to “gay marriage” until 2008. The LBGTQ agenda will no doubt be front and center in next week’s Democratic convention.

We do see an encouraging contrast in the official Republican Party platform.

Traditional marriage and family, based on marriage between one man and one woman, is the foundation for a free society and has for millennia been entrusted with rearing children and instilling cultural values. …we do not accept the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and we urge its reversal, …

…we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed. … American taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion. … We call for a permanent ban on federal funding and subsidies for abortion and healthcare plans that include abortion coverage.

We support the right of parents to determine the proper medical treatment and therapy for their minor children. …

Foremost among those institutions is the American family. It is the foundation of civil society, and the cornerstone of the family is natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman. …We oppose policies and laws that create a financial incentive for or encourage cohabitation.

It was disheartening, to hear the party’s presidential nominee appropriately condemn the Orlando shooting, while implying sympathy for the country’s LGBTQ community, and then thank the audience for their supportive applause. “As a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering,” he said. He has described himself a “friend of the gay community.”

The ruling Messiah is watching and listening and I’m concerned.




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